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     Ron adamantly stated that he would never use needles and

drugs.  Little did he know that one day he would become an IV

meth addict.  Nor, did he ever imagine that he would contract

HIV and Hepatitis C.  Ron suffered from mental health; depression, suicidal thoughts along with the disease of


     On April 23, 2013... Ron decided to overdose on his antidepressants and was in a coma for 13 days.  After coming

out of the coma... he was discharged from the hospital on

May 14, 2013.

      Ron is in long term recovery from sexual abuse,

depression, suicide, and the disease of addiction.  Today, he is

cured from Hepatitis C. His personal mission is to inspire,

motivate, and educate others who struggle with mental health, depression, suicide, and/or the disease of addiction that there is hope for the hopeless.

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Ron Ward, BASW

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