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Twelve Steps &

Eight Recovery Principles

Step 1 - Powerlessness


Honesty: David's Story about 

Sexual Addiction

Step 4 - Truth

Austin's Story about 

Addiction Recovery

Step 7 - Ask God to Remove

All of Our Shortcomings

Holly's Story

Step 10 -Continued to take person

inventory, and when we were wrong

promptly admitted it.

Adrienne's Story

Step 2 - Hope

Preston's Story about 

Addiction Recovery

Step 5 - Confession

Jessica's Story about Food

Addiction Recovery

Step 8 - Make a List of All People

We Have Harmed & become willing

To Mak an Amends

Larry's Story

Step 11 -  Through prayer and

meditation discover the plan of God

Lindsey's Story

Step 3- Trust In God

Sharon's Story about Crystal

Meth Addiction Recovery

Step 6 - Ready for God to

 RemoveAll Character Defects

Aram's Story

Step 9 - Make Direct Amends to Such

People Whenever Possible,Except  When

to doso would harm Them or Others.

John's Story

Step 12 -Having had a spiritual

awakeningas the result of these steps,

we tried tocarry this message

to other addicts, and to practice

these principles in

all our affairs

Erik's Story

Eight Recovery


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