Celebrating Restoration was founded by Ron in July of 2013.  He has struggled with depression,  attempted suicide, and substance use disorders.


     All drugs kill, steal and destroy. It does not matter what your drug of choice. What matters the most is the short window of opportunity to save a life. Ron has been on both sides of the revolving door. He does not judge yet, reacts quickly to get those struggling with addictions  into treatment.   

         Together We Are Making A Difference!

Ron Ward

     Ron contracted Hiv/Aids and hepatitis c through IV drug use. He is an attempted suicide survivor.

     Today, he has been cured of hepatitis c and has a passion to 

inspire, motivate & educate others that "Restoration" is possible as evidence of his story. 

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Contact: Gerri (513)594-0032 or Betty 513-255-2091

or via Email: celebratingrestoration@yahoo.com


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This is our fight:

To be a voice for the many lives lost & those struggling today!

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