"The Cry of an Addict"

"The Cry of an Addict" There were days when I thought I had it all with my wife, son and daughter we would all have a ball. My love for them was so strong. I never thought anything could go wrong. Then, we lost our house and I began to fall. My wife, family and church I could not call. I loved my family I must confess. That love would never die yet my feelings were a mess. The days began to grow dark. My life had little spark. The sadness in my life left a horrible mark. Some people call us addicts, junkies and more behind our backs. This is a disease of addiction that attacks... I started quickly down hill into a world of unknown. I began to use drugs as I began to isolate and feel alone. The pain grew worse as I began to drift off course. I became so numb it was difficult to cry. I just wanted to stop or lay down and die. I could not feel any longer as the drugs became stronger. "The Cry of an Addict" is silent and real. However, I struggled as I did not want to feel. The fear of feeling was so true. Yet as an addict I knew what I had to do. The cry of this addict had to break the silence. I cried out to God to help me form an alliance! The battles is strong as I just focus from day to day. There is hope for all those who suffer from this disease of addiction as we have to fight with out delay. As "The Cry of an Addict" becomes loud and strong now is the time to help them to understand what went wrong. So this is for "The Cry of an Addict" do not lose sight and you will have to fight this battle with all your might! For those who have lost the fight, please understand that we all are more than just an addict. We have a disease that rages war! Let us remember the lives gone for ever more! By: Ron Ward www.celebratingrestoration.com

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