Warning: Five Key Points That Can Lead To Relapse!

On February 22, 2010 someone decided to swap out my meth and injected me with heroin. This was the moment for my spiritual awakening. I came to the realization that my life was unmanageable and my life was out of control. Furthermore, this was a moment I realized that I needed others to help me

onto the road of recovery. As soon as I arrived home early in the morning... I began to build my support network.

For this individual in recovery I had to surrender and acknowledge I had a problem with drugs. I am not going to go into my full testimony. However, I hope to shed some light on five key points that may lead to relapse. Then, I will share some triggers/warning signs to prevent relapse.

Five Key Points That May Lead To Relapse:

1. Confusion: Overload, stress and unable to concentrate on simple tasks.

2. Depression: Frequent feelings of sadness.

3. Fear/Paranoia: Intense feelings being afraid of being a failure, afraid to be around be people, afraid that something bad is going to happen to you etc.

4. Chaos: Life is unmanageable and feels as if life is extremely overwhelming. Feel as if world is crashing in around you.

5. Anxiety: Increased/frequent episodes of anxiousness i.e. hand wringing, pacing, and extreme nervousness.

Triggers/Warning Signs To Prevent Relapse

1. Isolation: Spending an excessive amount of time alone.

2. Withdrawn: Avoid being around people and a loss of interest in activities.

3. Boredom: Feeling as if you have nothing to do and that your life has no meaning.

4. Hanging out with old friends that continue to use alcohol and/or drugs. People, places and things can be a trigger.

5. Watching TV Reality shows such as Drug Inc, Intervention etc...

6. Pictures of drugs and paraphernalia can be a trigger.

7. You have no recovery support/program.

8. Going back to old behaviors such as making excuses and lying.

9. Having an excessive amount of money on hand.

In order to reduce your risk for relapse it is very important to be aware of key factors, triggers and warning signs of relapse. You should have a sponsor and an accountability partner or at least some people you can trust to call in a moment of distress. Honesty, open mindedness, and willingness are also important to preventing relapse. Be honest and expose triggers immediately with someone you trust.

Keep in mind that you do not have to fight this disease of addiction alone. Attend some recovery support groups such as Celebrate Recovery, Smart Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Heroin Anonymous etc... As you build your recovery support network.... make sure to get phone numbers of individuals that are actively working on recovery. Keep in mind as you choose a sponsor.... he/she must have at least one year of sobriety. Your accountability partner should have at least 30 days or more of sobriety.

Finally, remember the road of recovery differs for each individual. No matter what just never give up! Some people need inpatient, intensive outpatient, sober living etc.. If you need help with your decision making process and locating treatment... you can contact: Nicole 513-464-4803 or celebratingrestoration@yahoo.com

All drugs kill, steal and destroy! The most important thing to understand is that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!

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