"The Fog"

I am going to look at two definitions of fog. The first definition of fog is a condensed water vapor cloud like masses lower to the ground limiting visibility. The fog can be challenging and dangerous while driving a car. So, imagine driving down the road as you run into a patch of thick fog. As your vision becomes limited - one may experience feelings of anxiousness and/or fear as you may not be able to see traffic signs, safety/hazardous signs or obstacles. In response, one may typically let off the accelerator to slow down. The fog can create confusion. Sometimes, you may think turning the bright lights on may help with your vision - yet this makes the problem with visibility worse. Due to the thickness of the fog - you are not able to see very far in front or behind you. This type of fog impairs your ability to know when to turn onto appropriate streets and in a sense impairs or slows down your decision making process which could lead to a serious accident. Yet, as the temperature rises the fog begins to lift. One may begin to feel more secure as the view becomes clearer while reducing one's anxiousness and/or fear.

Now, if an individual is walking in the midst of the fog, one has more control and much easier to avoid any obstacles. There is a significant reduction in risk for injury while walking in the fog. Therefore, one's emotions are much more clearer and calm.

The next definition of fog is the mental state of vagueness, fatigue and confusion. As I started off smoking weed years ago a fog came down around me which began to cloud my judgement. I was suffering with severe depression and anxiety and just did not want to feel. Therefore as I started dabbling into other drugs - the fog became thicker limiting my visibility and ability to make good decisions. Finally, as I found my drug of choice - meth, I was immersed into a deep thick fog as I could no longer see my family, friends or church. My decision making became irrational, spontaneous and very dangerous. I moved into a place where I was allowing other people that I did not know to shoot me up with drugs. One night, when someone decided to shoot me up with heroin, that was when the fog began to lift for me. I realized that I was in a dangerous spot and needed desperate help. As I pursued my path of recovery - the fog began to lift. My ability to make decisions began to improve. However, I had lots of relapses yet I knew that my vision was getting better. There was nothing I could do in and of myself to make this disease(Fog) of addiction go away. For me, I surrendered to God my problems and prayed that God would lead people onto my path that would help me in my recovery. I am powerless over this disease of addiction. I would not be where I am today had I not allowed others to walk along side of me and encourage me through prayer, encouragement and support.

We must understand the fog can always return with the right conditions. This is true with relapse. Relapse can re-occur under the right conditions. A death, broken relationships, unable to find employment, child support etc... can bring on the fog. Yet, as we stay surrounded with people who are conducive and supportive of our recovery - We can become SURVIVORS!

You may feel isolated and all alone as you are driving or walking through the thickness of the fog. Yet, there is hope! Open up/share with someone you trust about the disease of addiction that has you bound. Silence will destroy and kill us while the truth sets us free. The road is not easy and never 100% free of fog. Yet you can learn the tools to help you be successful and safe either driving or walking through the thickness of fog.

You be be broken and tired of living in the fog. Sometimes you may feel as if you will never make it out of the fog. You may feel that there is no hope of recovery. If you are struggling today, you are more than welcome to reach out to us at celebratingrestoration@yahoo.com

There is hope! Celebrating Restoration is not a treatment provider. Our organization is an outreach/advocacy group. Our organization does not judge! We are here to walk along side of you on this path of recovery. Always know that you do not have to walk the road alone!

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