What Is Hope?

The definition of hope: 1. a feeling or expectation and a desire for a certain thing to happen

2. a feeling of trust

Personally, I like to think of life as a journey... Early on in this journey, I was taught to have a hope, trust, and have goals. Somewhere along the journey, I lost my faith, hope, and trust which shattered my goals.

What causes us to lose our faith, hope, and trust? Well, there are many things that I like to refer as obstacles along the journey of life such as verbal/physical/sexual abuse, depression, mental illness, trauma, and so much more... Obstacles along our path may distract us from obtaining our goals causing us to lose focus and become confused due to the difficult circumstances surrounding us.

Allow us to think of obstacles as detours or road blocks that only delay us from reaching our ultimate destination. What is our ultimate destination? Our ultimate destination is to become survivors from our hurts, habits, and hangups.

As we travel along the highways or throughout the cities... we encounter road signs to direct and lead us to our destination. This also applies to our journey of life. We must pay attention to the signs and follow directions to ultimately reach our destination of being a survivor.

On my journey to recovery, I had to rebuild my faith, hope, and trust! I was hopeless and thought I would die in my addiction! I thought I could survive this battle of addiction on my own. How did I begin to rebuild? I broke the silence of my addiction, depression, and hurts!

Healing began to take place as i opened up about the death of my dad and sexual abuse. I thought I had already dealt with these issues yet they seemed to resurface. I also had to ask/seek direction from others such as my pastor, my wife, and therapist. I began to listen to their suggestions and put them into action.

Today, I am in long term recovery from sexual abuse, depression, attempted suicide, and the disease of addiction which means I have not used any mind altering substances in over 18 months. The road to recovery is not easy! I have discovered we need others to surround us with encouragement and love, not judgement.

Today, you may seem like there is no hope. Yet, I would like to remind you that there is hope for the hopeless. Hebrews 11:1 states that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. You may not see yourself well. You may not feel that you are going to survive the battle you are going through... Yet, you must allow others to surround you and give you suggestions to rebuild your faith, hope, and trust!

This road to recovery is not perfect.... the road may have some pot holes along the way. You learn how to avoid those pot holes to prevent you from falling. We all make mistakes and we may fall down. Allow others to pick you up and dust you off while moving forward in becoming a survivor!

You are valuable! You are not worthless! If you have not been told lately that you are loved.... I want you to know I love you! The hardest part in my recovery was not loving myself. Yet I had people in the rooms of narcotics anonymous, alcoholics anonymous, and celebrate recovery.. hug me and tell me they love me. I thought, "how can strangers love me?" We can love as we have traveled along a similar path!

Fight to survive and NEVER give up!

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