Restoration United: A United Fight

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

There is an epidemic raging among our families, communities, schools,

churches, and friends. Will this disease ever come to an end?

Mental illness, trauma, suicide, and addiction

are among the sources of our affliction. Racism

and hatred will also cause division.

So many lives dying from suicide and addiction. Families/ friends

left behind with the suffering from the loss as well as the indisposition.

Hearts forever broken by the devastation! How long will it

take to rebuild and find restoration?

The time for reconstruction will vary among families and friends. Everyone

must know that grief is a process with no time frame. However, grief must not

cause paralysis that may cause people to forget the memories and/or our loved

one's name.

A united fight is a crucial component for the process of restoration such as;

counseling, support groups, churches, and friends. A United fight is needed to rebuild

with one step at a time. Sharing our memories, experience, and strength could be the key

component for others as a sign.

Will this pandemic ever end? Restoration United: A United Fight is a collaborative effort

among families, communities, churches, and friends. A united fight is a critical

component in breaking the silence and stigma of our hurt and pain. There is

nothing wrong with crying out in order to avoid from going insane.

Now, let's join together in this united fight so we can assist others so that they might

be able to see the light. A light that paves the path for recovery, healing, and restoration.

Together, we can help one another to win this fight and reach our destination.

By: R.L. Ward

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