"The Reflection"

I was inspired to write this poem while in treatment at Recovery Unplugged. I struggled with the person I used to be prior to the drug vs the person I had become while on drugs as well as the aftermath and consequences from my usage. Kliff (Therapist) told me, "Ron, you will never be the person that you used to be yet what is wrong with becoming a better version of you?" Then, he suggested for me to talk about that struggle during open mic. However, we were asked to pick a song prior to speaking. I chose, "Remember When" by Alan Jackson.

After the open mic, I felt such a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulder. Today, I still struggle at times with that person I used to be yet I reflect on the words of the poem as well as uplifting memories along with challenges along life's way. I reflect on the times I overcame obstacles along my path. Yet, I must remind myself that my path will never be perfect. The lies along with fear, chaos, anxiety, and depression continue to try and infiltrate my mind. Therefore, I strive to reflect, pray/meditate, and equip myself to push out negativity along life's path.

The past will always try infiltrate our minds with negativity, lies, and failures. Yet, today is our most important day. Recovery is possible and does not happen overnight. Recovery is a process; a path to healing as well as restoration which requires a lot of work. Be encouraged that we can and do recover.

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