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Celebrating Restoration

is now officially a 501c3 Non-Profit



Through donations, our organization has been able to raise funds to assist more than sixty individuals who struggle with the disease of addiction to get started on their path to recovery.


Celebrating Restoration has expanded to California, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.



  • Increase awareness and education on the consequences of using mind altering drugs.

  • Reduce the stigma of addiction.

  • Assist with intervention and aftercare for those struggling with substance use disorder.

  • Provide training to those affected by the disease of addictions.

  • Provide weekly community outreach support meetings.




OUR VISION is to ensure that every

race, age,sex, gender(Low, Middle and Upper Class)

who struggles with substance use disorders

has access to treatment.


OUR MISSION is to provide intervention

and aftercare to those struggling with depression, suicide and substance use disorders. 


Celebrating Restoration promotes prevention, awareness and education on depression, suicide and the diseases

of addiction. 


For further information contact us





Saving One Life At

A Time

     Celebrating Restoration would like to thank you for your donations and support! Through your donations our organization is able to promote prevention, awareness and education on depression, suicide and substance use disorders. Our organization is also able to assist those who have no insurance to raise funds to get onto the path of recovery.

A Special Thankyou

To Our Partners

John Baldasare

Jackie Barnett

Paul & Linda Bilunka

Alisa Jarvis Birmingham

Lori Pippin Brewer

Tammy Brown

Donna Harter Coffin

In Loving Memory Of

Kraig Mitchell Coffin

8/26/1991 - 10/26/2012

Leslie Conover

In Loving Memory Of

Brian J. Conover

Kelly Murphy Cowan

Shannon Day

Jewell Defrates

Kelly Damico

R.C. Duckett

Theresa Fisher

Susan Fryman Miller

Beth Smith Genslinger

In loving Memory Of

Andrew S. Genslinger "Andy"

8/6/1990 - 10/7/2015

In Loving Memory Of

Daniel Weidle

April 22, 1985 -December 16, 2015

Shelley Greenfield

In Loving Memory Of

Justin M. Greenfield

12/17/1986 - 7/12/2009

John Hawthorn

Doughlena Irwin

Lisa Jarmon

Tina Dykes Jewell

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Michelle Luken

Karen Maney

Jennifer Martz

Richard Mix

Kathy Nickel

Deanna Panetta

Connie Purdum

Sue Ross Redmon &(Susannah)

In Loving Memory Of

Joshua "Josh" Aaron Gilbert

6/28/1991 - 8/17/2014

In Loving Memory Of

Michael "Mike" Wayne Gilbert

5/11/1991 - 4/9/2015

Debbie Reynolds

In Loving Memory Of

Logan Apking

7/31/1989 - 7/3/2014

Michele Ricks

Lisa Roman

Lara Saunders

Paul & Tracey Schaefer

Ron & Betty Shanefelt

Teri Stapleton

Maryanne Swander

Sylvia Shipp Thompson

In Loving Memory Of

Amber Leigh Thompson

5/1/1991 - 12/14/2011

Linda M. Winkler

Jennifer Yates

In Loving Memory Of

Jeffry "Dylan" Yates

10/18/1980 - 5/8/2014

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