Restoration United would like to  invite you, your friends,

 & family to join us for our

"Sparkles For Life" Memorial Walk

Celebration of Life

Registration Is Now Open!


August 22, 2020

Presented By: Can't Stop Running Co.

Smith Park (Middletown, Ohio)

Pre-Registration: $30.00

OnSite  Registration: $40.00


Race Begins: 10:30am

You can click on each picture to read his/her name,

date of birth, and angel date.

You can read more information and background 

on the Memorial Walk by clicking on the button below.



Let's Break The Silence - Form An Alliance

Against Mental Illness, Suicide,

& The Disease Of Addiction.

PJ Remenowsky

In Loving Memory

Of The Many Lives


Lost Due To Mental Illness,

Depression, Suicide, Killed By

Drugged/Drunk Drivers, and/or

Substance Abuse Disorders.

They may be gone but

NEVER forgotten!

Bobbi Faye Noble 3/30/1988 - 3/26/2016
Denise Gill Stottlemyer
Felicia Abney
Kyla Williams
Courtney Halye
Travis Siler.jpg
Brian J. Halye
Tiffany Argo
Steven Holden
Kaitlynn Fink.jpg
Amy Elizabeth Fields.jpg
Julia Dawn Fields.jpg
Lloyd Thomas Myers "Tom  2/16/1976 - 8/14/2015 Alliance, Ohio
Justin Matthew Greenfield
Ryan Phelps
Timmy Mullins
Lorrie Carroll.jpg
Chris Tyson_edited.jpg
Jonathon Miller
Darrell Haynes
Robert Travis Miller
Josh Gilbert
Darrin Byrd
Neal Johnso
Eddie Chism Jr.
Tyler J. Lane
Jeremie Ratliff
Justin Tyler Roth
Andrea Jewell.jpg
April Fugate-Kocagoz.jpg
Chris Russell
Megan King.jpg
Aaron Anton Grotrian 12-26-1988 - 8-28-2
Adam Burson
Brian Thomas Weber_edited.jpg
Michael Brennan
Thomas J. Collins
Jacob T. Michelich "Jake"
Joshua Murray
Sandra Tell.jpg
Sabrina A Miller.jpg
Travis Daum_edited.jpg
Aaron C._edited.jpg
Scooter Brewer
Michael Robinson
Eric Michael Russ
Chase C. Cummings.jpg
Zachary Allen Thacker 2 25 1986  9 23 2
Ryan Jefferson 9/28/1988 - 4/22/2007 Germantown, Ohio
Eric Michael Hampton_edited.jpg
Joshua Wayne Buchanan, "Joshie" 6/26/1989 - 2/9/2017 Camden, Ohio
Bryan Dunn_edited.jpg
Sean Eblen
Sheldon Eblen_edited.jpg
Jeffery Wayne Hardin Adams.jpg
Tate Hughes_edited.jpg
Christopher Lee Carroll_edited.jpg
Jeff Harrison_edited.jpg
Matthew Robert Blount_edited.jpg
Bradley Thomas Conese.jpg
Cody Carter_edited.jpg
Nicholas David Reed 2.jpg
Ben Rinderle.jpg
Larry _Bokey_ Bartlett II.jpg
Samuel Gillman.jpg
Elliott Jeffrey Brooks.jpg
James Bailey .jpg
Chad Robinson.jpg
David Paul Perkins_edited_edited.jpg
David Anthony Inman Day Day.jpg
Joseph Isaacs.jpg
Robert Crumm.jpg
Randall Smallwood.jpg
Kent Piatt .jpg
Josh Webb.jpg
Phillip McPherson.jpg
Erica Botley Lancour.jpg
Elizabeth Renee Wardlow.jpg
Christian Roark.jpg
Tyler James Haddix
Ricki Lynn Day .jpg
Dustin William Metcalf.jpg
Anthony W. Baker.jpg

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